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Belinda in Hearing GoddessBelinda Silbert (Hebrew Vocalist)

Belinda was introduced at an early age to music and the piano and studied opera at the Ruben Academy of Music. She has performed in Europe, Israel and South Africa as a Mezzo Soprano and was based in Brighton as principal Cantorial Soloist. Belinda has won many international accolades for her vocal abilities and is comfortable with both opera and modern genres. She is well known as a mystic and spiritual teacher and believes that music and spiritual awareness has to co-exist.

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Belinda Silbert Hearing GodessHearing Goddess – performed at The Muze Theatre in Muizenberg August 2010

Belinda Silbert Deep BytesDeep bytes -  Performed at The Muze Theatre in Muizenberg – June 2011

“Deep Bytes showcases a deep, Mezzo Soprano voice, which has come to embody the  fully embracing joy of being a sensual, powerful woman. Belinda explores the other senses through “bite”size experiences of all five senses. In a quest to give Deep Bytes a multidimensional feel, Belinda adds that “A visually stimulating aspect of the show will be expressed through what I wear.. the costumes and lingerie as well as the inclusion of my Visionary Art paintings to interpret my inner experience of the outer world”.

Written by Candace Freeman of Freeman Consulting.
Belinda Silbert

Silence of the Music – Performed @ The Baxter – October 2011


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Belinda Silbert